Sci-Tech EXPO


The Sci-Tech EXPO is a major, one-day event that provides hands-on experiences designed to engage and inspire Intermountain PREP students to pursue college studies in preparation for career opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The goal of the EXPO is to create STEM career awareness and to showcase the practical application of a STEM degree through engaging presentations, workshops, competitions, live demonstrations, and keynote speakers. Business and industry professionals present innovative and interactive workshops that will help students see the benefits of obtaining a college education and spark students' interest in becoming the next generation of scientists and engineers.

rocket launch

Involving students in science-related, interactive activities will aid in providing transformational and memorable experiences necessary to help students commit to careers in STEM fields. Activities spanning a wide spectrum of scientific and technical fields will be presented, such as: computer gaming, digital media, aviation, computer science, medicine, space exploration, the physics of flying and much more. Students will have the opportunity to personally interact with leading STEM professionals representing corporations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and universities, providing a chance to ask questions and learn what it takes to become a STEM professional.

Bringing together corporate, scientific, community and university leaders to provide programming and pre-workforce development opportunities to the next generation of STEM professionals, will teach students how important and integral STEM careers are in keeping our nation competitive, globally secure and prosperous.

The Sci-Tech EXPO will enhance Intermountain PREP students' 21st-century STEM skills by engaging students in unique learning environments and promoting new STEM educational practices.

The Sci-Tech EXPO will connect Intermountain PREP students to a community of scientific and engineering leaders, empowering them to succeed and become the next generation of innovators. STEM leaders will inspire our youth and help them understand that by continuing to develop and utilize their skills in STEM today, they can become the next generation of creators at the forefront of innovation tomorrow.